MEMORY CHOIRS: The New Antidote


“I am delighted that Cheryl Hodge, a brilliant jazz musician, is offering this program to persons experiencing dementia, and their caregivers. I strongly recommend this program. Enjoy!” - Bree Johnston MD, MPH, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of Washington

“Personally, in watching this almost magical chemistry between Cheryl (as tutor) and my wife Karen (as “student”) I have witnessed some wonderful results. All the songs evidently bring back some recall of past experience. For example, Karen’s favorite song is “Moon River”. In singing this song with Cheryl, I see Karen’s face and smile light up with what looks like absolute ecstasy.” - Ray McInnis, Professor Emeritus, Western Washington University


The Dementia Singalong Therapy Program is dedicated to sharing memory enhancing techniques with people living with dementia-related diseases and brain damage. This is done through a series of exercises which help to strengthen the brain's memory and communication processes. We empower residents in houses and memory care units to create meaningful experiences which help to expand awareness and impart a sense of hope in the community.

We are now both a Federal Charity 501(c)(3) ; as well as a non-profit in the state of Washington.

DONATE and receive Cheryl Hodge's new song here: "To Walk In My Shoes (Dementia Blues)"  OR donate thru Paypal and support our projects through our general fund: Thank you so much for your interest in supporting the program I developed. I have FIVE choirs, and counting! Donations tax deductible! Money goes towards funds for community and national projects such as tours and training programs. paypal.com


• Create ways to give residents and patients a sense of purpose.  

• Inspire caregivers and loved ones to find value in helping the individual in need to communicate more effectively

• Reduce loneliness, boredom, and a feeling of disconnection common in people living with dementia.

• Educate community and improve community awareness.

• Change the way dementia is viewed; not as a setback but as an opportunity to grow. 

Cheryl Hodge is the founder of this type of therapy (and President of the Dementia Singalong Therapy Program), which includes stretching, breathing exercises, singing exercises, singing songs, and sharing stories brought up from singing certain songs. Locations of  "memory" choirs (memory care units): Fairhaven Brookdale, Pegasus in Cordata, Rosewood Manor, The Orchard (Bellingham, Wa.) Christian Healthcare Center, Lynden Manor (Lynden, Wa.)

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